Independent Stylists: Salon Space for Rent In Calgary

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Renting your own salon space is a highly desirable move for hair and beauty professionals in Calgary. As an independent stylist, you can be your own boss, set the hours of operation at your convenience, select product lines, and operate under your conditions.

The main hurdle is the significant expenses associated with acquiring one’s own salon space, which deters many hair stylists, especially those who have just started their professional careers. Renting a suite from an existing salon like Unfiltered is like running your own business without having to incur extra costs.

Benefits Of Renting A Salon Space

If you’re considering the plunge into leasing a salon space in Unfiltered Calgary, here are some of the top advantages:

1. Low Initial Capital And Overhead

If you decide to start a salon, one of the most significant obstacles you need to overcome is making an enormous upfront payment. Leasing or buying premises and equipping them with the necessary items, costs of utilities, and other expenses related to opening a store, hairdressers can spend $100,000 or even more until they can open their doors.

Renting an all-inclusive salon space eliminates almost all of those startup costs. Suite rentals usually include everything you’ll need, such as a styling chair, shampoo bowl, cabinets, utilities, and even laundry facilities. Once your first month’s rent is paid and basic supplies bought, your total startup investment could be just a few thousand dollars.

Moreover, the pay-as-you-go leasing model also abolishes long-term, expensive lease agreements. Lower rental fees will allow you to retain more income and garner a higher profit within a relatively shorter period.

2. Become Your Own Boss

Being a stylist and owner of a suite is like running your company. Doing this will allow you to decide on your time plan, prices, products, and services and create and run policies whenever and wherever you want. It also lets you choose the clients you want to serve and your services.

Instead of using someone else’s inventory, you can choose products and tools that suit you best. This freedom grants you complete authority over how your profession shall develop.

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3. Build Your Brand

As you won’t own the physical space of a salon, you will be building equity in your client base and reputation. Your clients will follow your brand rather than just the salon where you work. You can take that client list with you wherever you go. Often, stylists find that most clients will follow, even if they move to another suite rental every few years.

4. Retain More of Your Profits

In a conventional salon, you must share much of your take with the salon owner. Sometimes, up to 60% of your service income is used for their expenses. If you rent a suite, you can keep between 70% and 100% of what you earn from clients.

5. Network Of Support Without Employees

As an autonomous businessperson, you will have the advantage of being in a bigger salon setting. This community involves having other experienced hairstylists, beauticians, and salon workers around so you can share ideas with them and learn from one another. It’s just you running your own small business office minus paying the wages of aides, front desk people, or any other staff. While this allows for collaboration when required, it also helps save money by being lean.

6. Flexible Schedule

As an independent stylist, you are privileged to have the option of deciding when to work. You can start working part-time as you build your customer base before transitioning into full-time once you have a fully booked appointment book. This ease in your schedule helps you manage family and other personal matters, or you can have even more time for yourself. Once you keep your customers informed, defining your availability is fine.

7. Prime Location

When you decide to go solo, one of the biggest advantages established salon studios offer is an outstanding and high-profile location that would otherwise be challenging. These spaces are usually located within busy retail areas; therefore, customers can access them easily, and you gain this visibility at a fraction of the cost. 

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8. Reduced Risks

You are responsible for liability risks like slip-and-fall incidents, damages to common areas, and employee issues when operating an entire salon. In contrast, liability for an independent suite space owner is mainly limited to actions occurring in the suite itself and between clients using his or her equipment.

Furthermore, large studio spaces typically have ongoing maintenance schedules and inspections conducted regularly, which assist them in keeping their facilities up to date about safety requirements and building codes.

9. Salon Quality Amenities Without Fully Outfitting a Space

Renting a suite gives you access to the high-end salon equipment, furnishings, and amenities you would want without the exorbitant costs of building an entire salon from scratch. Most studios come with everything already installed, like:

  • Modern hydraulic styling chairs
  • Backwash shampoo sinks
  • Built-in storage cabinetry
  • Dedicated suite entrances and reception areas
  • Washroom and laundry facilities

10. Built-In Client Base Potential

While you’ll be operating your own independent business, being situated inside a larger, established studio does provide opportunities to gain exposure to clients you may not have had initially. Many clients new to the area or looking for a change will search online or walk into the studio to see if anyone is available. 

As one of the renters inside the studio, your name, services, and bio will all appear, which will initially attract some of these walk-ins until they build up your clientele.

The studio offers referral marketing, cross-promotion, or other services that can be utilized when starting.


Over the last several years in Calgary, a clear shift has occurred as many hairstylists, estheticians, and other beauty professionals have found the freedom and advantages of this kind of rental approach. 

If you have any queries about our salon suites for rent, our dedicated team can address them at your convenience. Please do not hesitate to contact us; we will be delighted to provide you with the necessary assistance. You can call us at the number listed on this page or through this Online Form.