Hair Salons Downtown Calgary Are Changing

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Hair salons downtown Calgary are beginning to shift their approach. If you are a professional in the beauty or wellness industry, then you need the right space to conduct your business. 

While operating a business from home may be an option, issues of professionalism arise, and if leasing a private office space, costs are always an issue.

This is why, as a wellness and beauty professional, you may want to consider renting a shared or co-working space, with Unfiltered Calgary being a great option.

For those who don’t know, a co-working space is like a shared office for professionals within the same industry. Think of Unfiltered Calgary as a mall complete with many rooms and professionally designed sections for hair stylists, esthetics professionals, nail technicians, tattoo artists, and much more.

These office sections and rooms are available for booking, come with plenty of perks and amenities, and make perfect spaces for anyone. Let’s find out why Unfiltered Calgary is a great option for any beauty and wellness professional who needs an affordable yet high-class office to conduct business in.

The Benefits of Renting a Space at Unfiltered Calgary


Unfiltered Calgary may be a shared workspace in its most basic form, but it goes much deeper than that. It’s a community meant to elevate and support anyone in the beauty and wellness industry. Renting space at Unfiltered Calgary offers many different benefits.

Towel Service


Unfiltered Calgary comes with a full-scale towel service. Beauty and wellness professionals of all types can benefit from having full access to a variety of capes, gowns, towels, and linens. This means that your studio or salon will always be stocked with hygienic towels and linens. Eliminating the need for laundry maintenance helps you focus on your business.

Towel Service | UnfilteredYYC Calgary's Premium Downtown Salon

Recycling Programs

Another benefit of renting space at Unfiltered Calgary is the recycling program it has introduced. There is a comprehensive recycling program that allows beauty salons and esthetic professionals to recycle paper, cardboard, plastics, gloves, foils, and other such materials. 

This waste management program helps to ensure that your business has a minimal environmental footprint while maximizing your eco-friendliness.

Concierge and Front of House Management

Unfiltered Calgary also features a concierge and comprehensive front of house management. This helps ensure that all clients and guests have a professional welcome and stay. There is a dedicated team that takes care of all client inquiries, facility management, and administrative tasks. 

The professional concierge team ensures that all operations are handled smoothly and that guests are always welcomed into a professional environment. This ensures that your beauty and wellness business is located in a space that adheres to high standards.

A Lounge Space

The contemporary lounge space that Unfiltered Calgary offers is excellent for relaxing either before or after a scheduled appointment. 

This is a stylish area that features a variety of amenities, with pastries, cocktails, and coffee-based drinks being just some of them. 

It adds a certain amount of luxury to the mix, allowing your guests to feel pampered and well-taken care of.

A Visible Business Profile

Unfiltered Calgary is a great place to have a beauty and wellness business because your business profile will be featured on the website directory. 

The website directory is designed specifically to inform potential guests of all of the different businesses present in Unfiltered Calgary. It’s a great marketing tool and a fantastic way to increase the online visibility of your business without really having to do any work at all.

24/7 Private and Secure Access

When it comes to your business, security and safety are always paramount. Unfiltered Calgary Is a shared space that offers 24/7 private access. This allows beauty and wellness professionals to maintain their own specific schedules based on their needs and preferences. You’ll be able to access your workspace at any time of day or night.

Management Booking Software

Keeping track of your clients and appointments can be a real challenge. However, with the effective management booking software provided by Unfiltered Calgary, this is all made quick and easy. 

Unfiltered Calgary provides access to the highly acclaimed Mangomint booking software. This is a comprehensive yet user-friendly piece of booking software. 

It allows you to easily manage client communication, scheduling, payments, and more. Simplifying these administrative tasks allows you to focus on your business.

Workshops and Networking Events

The other benefit that beauty and wellness professionals get by reserving space at Unfiltered Calgary is that it plays host to many workshops and networking events on a regular basis. These events help professionals meet others in the industry and work towards creating bigger and better opportunities for growth.

Who was Unfiltered Calgary Built for?

There are many types of beauty and wellness businesses that can thrive at Unfiltered Calgary, with the following being just some of them.


Hair Salons Downtown Calgary

If you’re an esthetician, you’ll love the comfortable and large hydraulic treatment bed included in your space. You also get plenty of sink, counter, and storage space, complete with private rooms and dimmable lighting. Your suite is lockable and has 24/7 access.

Hair Stylists

For hair professionals, your space has luxurious and comfortable hair-washing sinks and several cutting chairs. You also get access to plenty of counter, sink, and storage space, along with floor-to-ceiling windows for plenty of natural light.

Downtown Calgary Salon | Co Working Salon

Nail Artists & Technicians

Nail Technician Station | Unfiltered, Downtown Calgary Premium Salon

For nail technicians, your space comes with ergonomic, beautiful pedicure and manicure stations, and fully stocked sanitation stations. You’ll also get access to the full line of Akzentz professional products and colours.

Professional Makeup & Beauty Artists

Makeup professionals can also benefit from reserving a space at Unfiltered Calgary. Specially designated makeup sections feature bright and large open windows for natural lighting, along with all of the accessories that you could possibly need.

Reserve a Space at Unfiltered Calgary Today!

Unfiltered Calgary is the perfect space for any beauty and wellness professional who requires a high-class yet affordable space to conduct business. Whether you’re a nail tech, a hairstylist, an esthetician, or anything in between, the various benefits and amenities offered by Unfiltered Calgary just can’t be beat!